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Welcome To My Great White Shark page

This is a tribute to my favourite wild animal - the Great White Shark.

I am building a radio-controlled (sort-of) scale model of a Great White Shark, and I intend to use these webpages to show you how I manage to do it!  If it works, I may well branch out into doing something MUCH bigger!!

Not only that, but you'll find other model sharks that have been built, as well as general information on the Great White Shark itself.

Additions to the site will be a bit slow at first, mainly as I'm working on my model, plus a fictional book about a great white shark, but when I can I will put tons more into it! Just promise to bear with me...!

R/C Sharks
I know you're out there somewhere, so if you've built a radio-controlled shark please get in touch with the webmaster.  I would love to see some photos/info of your models!

My e-mail address is:

Strangers are just friends waiting to happen - either that or rape in a dark alley waiting to happen! (Maddox)

The famous "grin"!

As chilling as it looks, there's something rather childlike about the expression on a Great White Shark's face when seen from the front!

(photo from - many thanks to Andy for allowing me to use many of his images here)