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If it wasn't for the internet...

I hunted high and low for a radio-controlled model shark - on eBay, Amazon, all those gadget websites.  Nothing.

That is, until one day, browsing eBay, I found the Cyber-Shark (the large silver one in these photos).  I'd been looking for one of these since seeing it on another website, but was told by that company that the shark was no longer available.  So, I simply pressed on with my Bruce project....


The cyber-shark is, like some of those already mentioned, a dynamic-diving toy shark model, of course bearing little resemblance to a real shark.

The propeller is beneath the body, and the pectoral fins control pitch and roll movement - there is no rudder to steer with.  The tail, however, moves on its own to give the impression that it is being turned.

  RC shark

My latest acquistion, and so far the BEST RC shark available (in fact, pretty much the ONLY RC shark available!), is this neat little shark model which is powered by its moving tail!

Left/right and forward motion is all done through the tail, which thrashes away like mad pretty realistically.  Pressing a button in the desired direction will make the shark do as you want. 

The hole in the head, covered by a plastic grate, is for the motor which drives the shark up or downwards.  A propeller inside will, when the right button is pressed, either make the shark dive or surface.  Simple, effective, FUN!!

I know what you're thinking....

Why build Bruce if you've bought these two?

Well, I want to do it.  It's been a burning ambition of mine to build a radio-controlled shark for a few years now, and I've built so much of it and spent so much on the materials for it, that I'd be stupid not to.

Once Bruce is finished, I can at least say that I've built him!


Cyber-shark in action

The cyber-shark is much bigger and faster than the RC shark, and therefore a bathtub is not quite suitable for it! 

The problem with this shark is that, once it is going it doesn't stop!  I'll need somewhere more substantial, like a swimming pool, to carry out proper testing!

RC Shark in action!

This image shows the mini-reef shark in action in the bath.  Again, a bathtub is not the ideal place for it, as the shark quickly runs out of room!  But, given that the tail steers the shark, it is capable of being turned around in the tight confines of the bath - with a little help from the corners! 

Again, a swimming pool would be a better place to test the shark to the full!